Aria designs was created as a means to inform and transform our cultural identity through the communicative power of the Visual Arts.

I am of Nga Puhi and Ngati Hine descent. My Pakeha ancestry is of Scottish extraction however it is my identity as Tangata whenua that bind me to this time, place and space.

Born and raised in South Auckland, Mangere my natural talent for art was identified and nurtured from an early age. During my years at Mangere College I was encouraged to pursue a professional career in visual arts and prepared for University.

In 2004 I attained a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts with the intent to teach, however after some time in this professional I decided to pursue my own business aspirations as a self employed visual artist.

Having returned to my ancestral homeland of Whangaroa in 2006, I have aspired to raising my young family as well as maintaining my professional development as a practicing artist. 

Reconnecting with whenua, moana, whanaunga, whakapapa and tupuna has been incredible, providing me with a wealth of creative content to connect with.

Pre – treaty Whangaroa was a  hub for innovation and  creative endeavor, witnessed in taonga (treasures) found in collections all over the world. 

Today the majority of our marae go unadorned.  Only one history is represented while our own, forgotten.

Aria designs was created to address this imbalance.

If the story of Whangaroa is to be told, who better then us to tell it?

About us, as us, by us, for us.