Te Nohoanga – E Tu Whanau Mural

During the April school holidays 2018, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the rangatahi at Te Nohoanga for a project supported by E Tu Whanau and Te Runanga O Whaingaroa.

The creative process was influenced by E Tu Whanau artist brief around anti – violence awareness, the creatve content for our visual art workshops..

Throughout the drawing workshops we noticed the hand became a reoccurring symbol. We found that the hand can represent and evoke a range of emotions depending on pose. Here it became our symbol of shelter, compassion and resilience. Our hands also symbolise the love between mother, father and child, a symbol of our humanity.

Here is a slideshow of our creative process.


Nga Purapura

The Childrens Festival 2018

Thanks to members of our community who organised this event. Nga Purapura translated as the seed, a representation of the growth of our tamariki. Here in this mural I invoke this energy through the dancing shilouettes, colour and movement. Tamariki on the day participated by filling in the figures.

K – Town Shakers

This is the most recent community based project completed in 2018 with the K- town Shakers youth group. Situated on the main street of Kaeo, the imagery was inspired by drawings put forward as a means to re-vitalise and re-energise their space.

Colour scheme experiment for brick wall mural