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K-Town Shakers Project

This is the canvas for a collaboration with the K-town Shakers youth group and beneath is a slideshow of its progression.

The painting by Vincent Van Gogh, called ‘Starry night’ was a source of inspiration for artists involved in the creative process with comparisons to the natural world of  Whangaroa: the rolling landscape, starscape, waves and ocean swells.

For me visually, I’m reminded of a deluge. the flooding that has become a Kaeo phenomenon.

Considering the textured surface of the brick wall, I decided that a hard edged Japanesse style of painting be more suitable. However, the color scheme of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ is a keeper and so is the fluidity or the sense of movement that this painting evokes.

Technically the weather will be a slight hindrance as the brick work collects surface water from the damp cold air. Wiping the wall down thoroughly before painting is the way to go or the paint bleeds. Although It creates an interesting waterly effect, on this scale it could become problematic.

As you can see in the slideshow, the color scheme works well and is complimenting its surrounds. I’m pleased with the outcome so far, the blues and greens mimic our natural environment, uplifting the space. Once the first layer or fore ground is completed, this should provide a skin from which layers of blended color can sit. Then tonal shading can be applied.

Thankyou Justice for your creative input. Much appreciated : )


Colour scheme experiment for brick wall mural





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