Ta Moko Noho


The purpose of this initiative is to assist in the revival of Ta Moko. Here are some central themes to be explored.

Traditional Ta Moko – function and purpose

The Whangaroa style of old and new 

Contemporary Ta Moko – function and purpose in modern world

The revival of Moko kauae by Whangaroa women.

The future of Ta Moko – forms and function

The revival of Ta Moko by Whangaroa Rangatahi.


Ta Moko Artists

3 – 4 Ta Moko artists would be ideal.


Funding and sponsorship

I will be exploring a number of funding opportunities to help assist with food, travel costs and koha for artists and quest speakers.


September 2018

Expression of interest posted for Whangaroa Ta Moko Artists to participate in the noho.

Look into the Moana Community Grant: Closes on the 7th December


Continue looking for artists and quest speakers

Build interest and support

Develop 3 day program


Confirm attendance of artists and quest speakers

Submit application for funding


Complete 3 day program

Build interest and support


Organise a Ta Moko artist ‘get together’

Build interest and support


Deliver the Ta Moko Noho


This timeline is tentative at the moment. If theres anything I may have missed, please let me know?

Thats it for now. I will continue to update this blog and FB posts as it develops.

Thankyou for your interest,










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  1. Kia Ora ive just stumbled on your page…. i LOVE the image you have done of my maunga Taratara!
    Im really interested in your moko noho!
    Ive been thinking fir a long time about getting my kauae done. Im from Waihapa. Please share more info with me…or am i too late?

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