The Red Crown

When referring to the ‘coloniser’ as I often do, I’m not referring to ‘Pakeha’ or people at all.

I’m referring to an ideology, programmed in our subconscious minds by the ‘incorporated entity’ the Crown.

Currently Whangaroa is entangled in court proceedings with the Crown for crimes committed against Whangaroa Tangata whenua that directly breached the principals of the Treaty of Waitangi, legally and ethically.

This ‘patch’ was created in collaboration with the ‘Blanket’ initiative, a creative response to evidence collected from Whangaroa claimants who witnessed and survived the impacts of colonial Crown ideology.

I depict the Crown in red to symbolise the blood it has on its hands regarding these breaches of which there are multitudes. It is a lino cut that I’ve inked up and printed on a woolen patch – hand stitched around its edges with wool.

The outcome of the ‘Blanket’ initiative was to tell our story using symbols to understand our fragmented identity in the hope we may find ways to heal, restore, realign, and advance.

Currently the ‘settlement’ ideology is dividing and degrading the hearts of some of our people, competing with colonial Crown ideology for power and control. The ideology based on fear that the sky will fall, without Crown settlement. The Crown ideology of exclusiveness – that some are worthy (depending on your beliefs) and others are not.

Just imagine how powerful we would be without these programmed colonial Crown ideologies?

If you are interested in learning about these breaches and why Whangaroa has a ‘blanket’ land claim over it, refer to the ‘Whangaroa oral traditional report’ which you can find a copy of at the Kaeo Library.

The Whangaroa Blanket collection, is on exhibition at the Waitangi Treaty grounds at the new gallery from September the 8th and runs for 3 months.

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